An other way to do consultancy

Your Career

Do you feel Darwinder?

You do not always recognize yourself in the classical consultancy model and would like to be part of an organization who walks the talk.

You think that learning is for every age, you are curious, like exchanging with others and would like to evolve.

You have a can-do mentality, are proactive, like transformation and enjoy facing new challenges…

You are caring, helpful and like to do things hands-on and enjoy creating with the entire team.

You Would like to…


You would like to  expand your competences .

You would like to expand your competences.


You see consultancy as a way to  discover new horizons .

You see consultancy as a way to discover new horizons.


You would like to work  on trending topics .

You would like to work on trending topics.


You would like to work  in a respectful environment .

You would like to work in a respectful environment.

At Darwind, we are convinced that the motivation of the consultant is the first success factor of a mission

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We start from Your Career Project to find matching missions

A Project for a Consultant. Not an available consultant on any project.

• A support to determine your career goal and a path to reach it

• A concertation with the consultant to have a project match in line with the path

• A follow-up that ensures that you do what gives you energy, so that the right motivation is always there

• Projects are chosen to stretch capacities, so you learn during each project

We boost your LEARNABILITY

We value your ability to learn, your “learn-ability”.

• Trainings in proven models and techniques, coaching and a freedom to develop your own approach

• Take initiatives, try new things and learn from your mistakes

• Possibility to contribute to knowledge building inside the company: train and be trained

• Broadening your competence foundation

• Practice in the field with a challenging part to each project

• Possibility to be a builder of the business

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We favor a Collaborative & Dynamic Ecosystem

Everyone has his place, each of us is an actor of the work environment.

• Caring culture

• Flat structure & Autonomy

• Feedback culture

• Transparency & Communication

• Complementarity team & Collective intelligence

• Proactivity & Intra-Entrepreneurship


We invite you to find your balance.

• We encourage activities that give you energy

• Respect for private life

• A specific focus on getting to know yourself your limits and potentials

• Two-way flexibility