Our value proposition

Two way fit

  • At Darwind we believe that you expect us to listen to you, to understand your needs.

  • You may expect us to put forward a selected number of motivated consultants to match your challenges.

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Motivation of consultant as driver of project success

  • We strongly believe in the importance of people as the main factor of success of any customer project and we strive to accelerate their evolution.

  • Consultant Potential + Project Stretch = Mission Success + Consultant Growth.

  • Great performers do not  always have the skills at first, but they have the right motivation to succeed.


Bridge between Business & Technology

  • Darwind is a hands-on consulting company on the bridge between business and technology.

  • Our consultants are multilingual. They speak IT, they speak Business.

  • Translating and linking people to achieve results.

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DARWIND-empowering evolution

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The pessimist complains about the wind,

the optimist expects it to change,

the realist adjusts the sails

William Arthur Ward

Our conviction is that we can go « beyond Darwinism » , choosing your direction and speeding up evolution in a structured way, in order to transform turbulence into energy.

So let us help you with consultants that have chosen to systematically come out of their comfort zone, as a way of learning and progressing.